IPI’s Secord On The Importance Of Financial Education For Families


Jeff Secord, Senior Wealth Advisor, IPI Wealth Management sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the importance of financial education for families.

IPI is a national firm based in the Midwest, focused on financial planning and wealth management. Secord explains that today’s clients are concerned with leaving a legacy behind for their children and grandchildren because the economy is different than “the one they grew up in.” IPI’s main role is to help clients understand the longevity of their money and what adjustments can be made.

Clients will often bring in their children to learn about what IPI Wealth Management is doing, and hopefully start to take in the process from an early age. IPI also incorporates an “e-money” portal for kids to watch with modules and practice financial planning, Secord emphasizes the importance of financial literacy for the entire family.

Established in 1987, with over 45 branches throughout the US, Secord attributes IPI’s continued growth to client referrals and interactive community workshops.