Invesco’s John Hoffman Discusses A More Holistic Approach With Advisors

How Invesco Creates an Integrated Product for Advisors

John Hoffman, National Sales Director for the RIA Channel at Invesco, recently spoke with Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Database, about their holistic approach to consulting with advisors.

Hoffman highlighted their more solutions-based methodology. He specifically touched on two programs they’re currently making available to the market.

The first is called “Priceless,” which helps advisors better articulate their value proposition for their clients. They do this through direct, one-on-one work with partner advisors.

The second is called “Explain Traded Funds.” This program helps advisors translate the complex jargon of financial investing into topics clients care about.

Hoffman believes these programs, combined with the Invesco Solutions portfolio development program, offers advisors a broader, holistic approach to the RIA segment that differentiates them in the marketplace.