Invesco’s Gore On Real Estate Sector Trends and Allocation Considerations

Greg Gore, CFA, Client Portfolio Manager and Head of Private Markets Specialists, Invesco Real Estate (IRE) joined Keith Black, Managing Director, RIA Channel to discuss real estate trends and key allocation considerations.  

Public real estate investments, in the form of exchange-traded REITs, deliver efficient liquid access to real estate, while private, non-listed REITs, are less liquid, but tend to have much less pricing movement and volatility when held as a long-term investment, explains Gore. Rather than trying to time the market, Gore suggests the investment time horizon is actually much more important. Historically, real estate has performed well over any period of 7-10 years, explains Gore. Looking ahead, Gore points to opportunities in resilient, defensive real estate sectors such as self-storage, student housing, and healthcare, while taking a cautious stance on more traditional real estate sectors like office and retail.

Invesco Real Estate has over four decades of experience in real estate investing and manages roughly $92B in assets globally. The firm’s robust real estate platform includes both publicly traded and private real estate and aims to provide access to a wide range of investments across the risk/return spectrum. Leveraging a boots-on-the-ground approach, Invesco Real Estate’s global reach spans 600 employees, across 21 offices in 16 countries.

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