PRID and HONR Socially Conscious ETFs By UBS Combine Sound Investing with Social Values

InsightShares Cause-Focused ETFs Combine Sound Investing with Social Values

UBS Investment Bank’s InsightShares recently launched two new cause-focused ETFs in the veterans and LGBT space. Richard Cea, Executive Director of Exchange Traded Products at InsightShares, recently spoke to Julie Cooling, CEO and Founder of RIA Channel, about how these ETFs empower investors to support causes important to them.

The ETFs are PRID and HONR. PRID invests in US large cap and mid cap companies whose workplace policies provide for equal protection and equal insurance coverage, amenities that widen the talent pool for these companies to LGBT communities. HONR invests in companies that excel at hiring veterans and helping them transition to civilian life.

In addition to liquidity and financial filters, InsightShares partners with leading LGBT and veteran’s organizations, the Human Rights Campaign and Victory Media, to inform the strategy of the ETFs. The two-fold screening process fills investor desires to have investments that both align to their values and have sound financial stories.

InsightShares hopes to launch additional ETFs later in the year.