IndexIQ Pioneers Momentum Driven Fixed Income ETFs

Salvatore Bruno of Mainstay/New York Life’s IndexIQ talks with Julie Cooling at RIA Channel about pioneering momentum driven, smart beta fixed income ETFs, specifically AGGE, the IndexIQ Enhanced Core Bond U.S. ETF and AGGP, the IndexIQ Enhanced Core Plus Bond U.S. ETF.

Momentum investing involves tracking performance or pricing trends in the market and dynamically over or under-weighting specific sectors or securities based on these trends. Investors seeking to enhance fixed income returns, especially in a rising rate environment, may want to consider factor-based core fixed income solutions.  Fixed income ETFs also offer transparency and liquidity otherwise often absent with traditional fixed income offerings.

As part of the Mainstay/New York Life family, IndexIQ plans continued ETF launches in 2017 that will benefit from joint research resources and of course, distribution efforts.