Income Investors: Building a legacy of success for the past 50 years

USAA Investments, a Victory Capital Investment Franchise, offers institutional, retirement and retail investors an array of taxable and tax-exempt fixed income solutions, including actively managed fixed income ETFs. With a legacy spanning half a century and over $26.4 billion in assets under management (as of December 31, 2022), this team has built a sparkling reputation navigating multiple interest rate cycles and all types of environments.

One of the team’s core beliefs is that income is the key driver of returns in fixed income portfolios, and that any outperformance is more likely to come from fundamental credit analysis than from interest rate calls. In fact, the team avoids interest rate bets given that they are virtually impossible to make consistently.

Independence is another hallmark of this 35-member investment team, which averages more than two decades of experience. They rely on their own fundamental research and proprietary models to make investment decisions and manage risk. Although the team’s fixed income strategies are benchmark-aware, they do not conform rigidly to arbitrary exposures dictated by passive indices. The team also avoids potential traps that befall many other fixed income managers by eschewing complex derivatives or the desire to extend duration in an attempt to stretch for yield.

USAA Investments will be renamed Victory Income Investors in the second quarter of 2023.

If you would like to learn more about the USAA Investments fixed income team, call Victory Capital’s sales desk at 800.991.8191 or visit You can follow the team’s market insights through monthly and quarterly commentaries, various blog posts, and in the Bonding over Bonds video series, among other communications.

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