iCapital’s Costabile On Access To Alternative Investments

James Costabile, Managing Director and Head of Alternative Investment Distribution for iCapital, joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel, to discuss how independent and registered investment advisors can access alternative investment managers and educational content.

iCapital is a ten-year-old firm with over 1,000 employees and over $160 billion in global platform assets.  The firm works with 16,000 registered financial advisors to access 1,200 funds from 300 general partners (GPs).  iCapital works with GPs in a variety of ways, providing technology for alternative managers to access the independent and registered investment adviser marketplace.  iCapital can create feeder funds for GPs as well as work with GPs to distribute their funds in the RIA marketplace. 

iCapital provides RIAs can access to high quality alternative investment managers, education and resources on portfolio construction.  The iCapital team can also meet with advisors to discuss portfolio construction and alternative investment education and how to discuss these issues with their clients. 

iCapital launched the Alternatives Exchange Platform with Envestnet and UBS.  This platform provides access to approximately 40 alternative investment managers and the thought leadership of UBS and iCapital to financial advisors who access the Envestnet platform. 


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