Hill on Pinnacle’s Approach to Managing Risk

John Hill, CEO, Pinnacle Advisory Group met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the firm’s holistic approach to planning and investment management. Pinnacle Advisory Group, based in Maryland, offers comprehensive wealth services to more than 1,200 high net worth families globally. The $2 billion firm ranks #25 on RIA Channel’s Top ETF Power User List and manages more than $1.45 billion in ETF assets. On the investment side, Pinnacle leverages tactical, active and ETF model portfolios. The firm’s investment philosophy centers around managing risk in any market environment. Pinnacle’s Dynamic Prime strategy offers investors a flexible and diversified solution. The strategy encompasses multiple asset classes, doesn’t rely on big asset allocation bets, and contains a tactical element that reallocates based on daily market conditions. Other advisors can also tap into Pinnacle’s wide range of resources. Pinnacle Advisor Solutions division offers advisors direct access into Pinnacle’s investment strategies as well as a myriad of other service offerings ranging from CRM systems, investment technologies, and asset gathering consulting. To learn more: www.PinnacleAdvisory.com www.PinnacleAdvisorSolutions.com