Hennessy Talks More M&A

In an interview with RIA Channel’s Julie Cooling, Neil Hennessy, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Hennessy Funds talks about asset management trends and how his firm continues to grow. Hennessy is an experienced portfolio manager with more than 30 years of investment experience.

One of Hennessy’s key offerings, the Cornerstone Funds, are quantitatively driven and transparent funds with the purpose of creating wealth for shareholders. As an actively managed, quantitative firm, Hennessy removes the emotional component from the investing process in order to benefit the client and their investments.

In the future, Hennessy explains that he will continue to look for additional acquisition opportunities. As a mutual fund company with 16 funds and $6.5 billion assets under management, Hennessy believes it will be difficult to grow organically as a result of industry fee pressures and instead will grow via acquisition. He also explains that Hennessy funds is unique in that it is big enough to buy, and “move the needle” as a result of their access to capital.