Helios Quantitative Research On 2023 Economic & Market Update

Helios Quantitative Research’s Founder and CEO, Chris Shuba, Chief Investment Officer Joe Mallen, and Director of Research Jason Van analyze the economic landscape and what it could mean for the markets, the economy and investors.

WEBCAST:  A Rolling Recession Gathers No Moss

“Rolling recession” is a term that has started to pop up more and more in investing circles. But what is a rolling recession? Are we in one? Will we be in one? Have we been in one? Most importantly, does it even matter? We’ll examine these questions and more as we take a quantitative lens to the current economic landscape, adding historical context to where the economy is today and what that may mean for markets, the economy, and investing.

Accepted for 1 CFP®/IWI/CFA CE Credit.


Founded in 2016, Helios Quantitative Research is dedicated to helping advisors differentiate their practice, add scale, and increase profitability. Specializing in quantitative rules-based strategies, Helios offers a variety of investment services, including portfolio tools, quantitative research, and insourced CIO services for over 800 investment advisory firms.

Helios performs quantitative analysis of funds and ETFs and advisors can use this analysis to build customized white-labeled model portfolios for clients.  Beyond the portfolio construction, the firm can provide investment analysis on specific fund offerings, including funds already in portfolios as well as funds the advisor is considering for inclusion in the portfolio. Once the portfolio is built, Helios provides performance analytics and risk analysis at the portfolio level, as well as due diligence reports updated for each fund in client portfolios.

Designed to replace the role of an in-house quantitative research team, Helios aims empower advisors to compete with the largest practices and efficiently grow their business.


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