Hartford Funds Enters ETF Business

Ted Lucas, Hartford Funds Head of Systematic Strategies & ETFs

Hartford Funds entered the ETF business in 2016 via its acquisition of Lattice Strategies. Ted Lucas, founder of Lattice Strategies and Head of Systematic Strategies & ETFs at Hartford Funds sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO of RIA Channel to discuss Hartford’s initial ETF line-up. Starting with five multi-factor ETFs: ROAM, RODM, ROGS, RORE and ROUS, and more expected in 2017, Lucas is optimistic about investor interest in alternative beta or non-capitalization-weighted indices. Lucas launched the ETFs originally, to enhance market or beta return through factor-weighted strategies including momentum, value and quality. The ETFs cover emerging markets, international, real estate, core domestic equity and small capitalization domestic equity. Similar to other non-traditional weighted ETFs, they complement passive and active strategies, and aim to reduce portfolio volatility.