Economic Growth Waves and Surprises Ahead – Advisor Revolution – 3.2.17


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A paradigm shift in demographics is occurring. The stage is set for a dynamic replay of the early 80’s. Unexpected economic drivers can lead to opportunity when identified early, and appropriate forecasts are utilized by advisors. Even minor allocation changes based on these economic drivers can make significant impacts to client portfolios. Join us for this in-depth discussion that will cover:

  • Why Demogronomics Are Telling a Very Bullish Story for the U.S.
  • Benefits & Opportunities of the Barbell Economy Most in the Media are Missing
  • More Productive Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction Considerations

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Ken Gronbach
Advisor Revolution

Author of the current best selling book “The Age Curve: How To Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm”. His first book, “Common Census, the Counter-Intuitive Guide to Generational Marketing” was released in 2005. Ken’s 2011 book “Decades of Differences, Making it Work” is a comprehensive guide to coping with three generations in the workforce. Watch for Ken’s new book “Demography is Destiny, The Incredible Power of People” in 2016.

Ken is an internationally respected demographer who has been able to forecast societal, commercial, economic, cultural and political phenomena with uncanny accuracy. Ken’s unusual blend of marketing savvy and common sense demography, based on twenty years of proprietary demographic study, set him apart. Ken keynotes all over the United States and does customized demographic research.

Michael Williams
Advisor Revolution

Before co-founding Advisor Revolution and Demogronomics, as a partner at Tocqueville, he served clients on a global front. Before joining Tocqueville in 2003, Mr. Williams was the Managing Director for Genesis Partners, a research and client advisory firm he directed from 1990 to 2003. He continues to provide daily and weekly market insights to thousands of advisors, institutions and clients around the globe.

Prior to that, from 1982 to 1990, Mr. Williams ran his own financial planning firm based in Atlanta with offices in New York City. In 1983, after a year on Wall Street at the trading floor level, Mike Williams started Genesis Partners as a private financial planning practice for FSC Securities, in Atlanta, Georgia. Within 6 months, the unit had offices in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. Over the next four years, they developed a client roster of wealthy individuals, serving 53 clients with over $450 million in assets.

He is a frequent contributor for national news broadcasts, including Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg. He travels the globe speaking to colleagues, clients and business leaders. He has the rare combination of tireless research and finely-tuned instincts that make him one of the most prominent voices in the investing world. Mike has lead hundreds of audience presentations for advisors and their clients as well as a significant number of Broker-Dealers around the globe. Mike has spoken to several business classes at colleges for students in a helpful review of the function of markets and where demography and economics mix for the benefit of insightful investors.

Paul Durso
Advisor Revolution

Paul believes that smart financial decisions impact the quality of our lives. Alongside that belief, he is driven to empower clients with the necessary financial knowledge needed to navigate the retirement phase of their future. Paul has a compassionate and relatable demeanor that results from his relationship with Jesus Christ. That relationship has created a passion to educate his clients; empowering them to establish a legacy of significance impacting future generations.


Title: Economic Growth Waves and Surprises Ahead
Date: Thursday, March 2, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

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