Grayscale’s Zhao and Stoddard Talk Tokenomics

Michael Zhao, Research Analyst and Brooke Stoddard, VP, Investor Solutions at Grayscale Investments discuss fundamental valuation methods for crypto. 

WEBCASTTokenomics: Fundamental Valuation Methods for Crypto.

Given the incongruence with traditional financial assets, how should financial advisors think about fundamental value in cryptocurrency tokens?

In this webinar, Grayscale will walk through several valuation methods for cryptocurrencies broadly, and then dive deeper into a proposed valuations framework for three token categories specifically — payment tokens, smart contract protocols, and decentralized applications.

After joining, financial advisors should better understand qualitative and quantitative methods for valuation as they consider investments into various cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Uniswap among others.

Accepted for 1 CFP®/IWI/CFA CE Credit.