Grayscale On Stablecoins For Advisors

Brooke Stoddard, VP, Investor Solutions, and Michael Zhao, Analyst, Research at Grayscale Investments explain stablecoins in a fireside chat. 

The cryptocurrency market has a number of different coin designs from proof-of-work and proof-of-stake tokens to stablecoins.  Each sector has different features, risks, and roles in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.    

WEBCAST – Stablecoins for Financial Advisors

Stablecoins represent a meaningful and integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In this webinar, Grayscale’s Investor Solutions team will provide a three-part fireside chat around stablecoins – starting with a history and overview, then discussing recent growth and developments, and ending with a deeper dive into the various stablecoin designs, including the benefits and tradeoffs of each.

Financial advisors will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the crypto ecosystem by diving into stablecoins specifically – and should leave the webinar with an ability to differentiate the various stablecoin designs and the attributes of each.

Accepted for 1 CFP® / IWI / CFA CE Credit