GraniteShares Strikes Gold With BAR ETF

Will Rhind, Founder & CEO of GraniteShares ETFs recently spoke with Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO, RIA Channel about commodity and alternative income investing strategies. After founding GraniteShares in 2016, Rhind sought out to make commodity-based ETFs low-cost and easily accessible.

Rhind discussed the GraniteShares BAR ETF, which is a physical gold ETF, that is low cost at 20 basis points and backed 100% by real gold. He believes that investing in commodities can be an effective way to diversify client portfolios, especially in times of rising interest rates and elevated stock markets.

On the income side, GraniteShares’ HIPS ETF offers an alternative to high-yield bonds. Rhind explains that, “it’s like an S&P 500 for pass-through securities,” and can be great way to yield high income, with exposure to many different sectors.

GraniteShares recently surpassed $300 million in assets under management, and the BAR ETF now exceeds $260 million in assets after its inception just one year ago. Moving forward, GraniteShares looks to build out their product range and expand into technology-based investing.