Fuller On John Hancock’s Global Suite Of ETFs

Michelle Fuller, Senior Managing Director, ETF Distribution, John Hancock Investments met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the firm’s full suite of ETFs and supporting services for advisors.

Since launching their first ETF on September 29, 2015, John Hancock Investments has launched thirteen more in just three years. Through its partnership with Dimensional Funds Advisors, the firm has built a full suite of ETFs covering five asset classes and nine sectors. In addition to product development, John Hancock utilizes a team of national portfolio consultants and ETF specialists. These specialist also offer advisors support in trading, capital markets, and asset allocation.

Operating as a managers of managers model, John Hancock seeks the best managers in the business. Some of their flagship products include mid cap ETF, JHMM and large cap ETF, JHML.