Founder Signals That It’s All Engines Go For Carson Group

Ron Carson, Founder & CEO, Carson Group met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss his “engines and anchors” mentality and how it has contributed to the firm’s rapid growth.

The recently unified Carson Group brand encompasses a number of services for partner advisors, ranging anywhere from lead generation, dynamic website design, to a streamlined client experience, outsourced investing and more.  Currently in acquisition mode, the firm is projected to exceed $9 billion in assets under management by 2019, which is a 50% jump from their current AUM of $6.1 billion.

Carson attributes the massive growth to the firm’s “anchors and engines” cultural creed, meaning “every time we look at an opportunity we say, is this something that will propel us forward or hold us back?”  In deeming themselves as the “Amazon or Netflix” of financial services, they are certainly signaling all engines are propelling forward.

Carson observed that often “good advisors,” are “anchored down” by outdated traditions and “broken dealers,” but through the utilization of integrated technology, putting portfolio management in the hands of others, and going out and telling the story of how they create value, Advisors can fuel growth.