Financial Advice and the Looming Gender Inflection Point – NYL Investments – 3.8.24


Title: Financial Advice and the Looming Gender Inflection Point
Date: Friday, March 8, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

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For decades, business practices in the financial planning industry centered on the reality that men controlled the money. So, it only made sense that the most successful advisors, both men and women, honed their skills at interacting with clients in ways that appeal to men.

Despite a sea of change, these business practices continue to influence how advisors and advisory teams work with their women clients—and how they bring women advisors into their firms. Because of these norms, it’s no wonder why women clients often feel belittled and ignored—and that women advisors feel they don’t fit, aren’t being developed, and do not have access to the best opportunities.

The creation of gender diversity in the financial advice sector is a topic that has been raised and discussed for decades. However, the responses of advisors and advisory firms navigating these changes—including those leading up to the inflection point where women will be the beneficiaries of the great wealth transfer—have been slow. Therefore, those firms that do begin to put practices in place now to attract women clients and develop deeper relationships—as well as recruit, retain, and develop women advisors to become more gender bilingual—will reap the rewards.

In this important one-hour webinar, we will review and discuss:

  • The looming inflection point, where women will control most of the $30 trillion in financial assets that the baby boomers possess by 2030, and seek advisors offering holistic, empathetic, and relationship-based services.
  • The importance of advisors and advisory teams embracing gender diversity and becoming more gender bilingual to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • The six practices we believe can help firms accelerate their diversity efforts, such as broadening the pool of candidates, rethinking team structures, and creating compensation transparency.

This discussion will take a minimum of 50 minutes to present, and we will look to close the event with any Q&A.

Accepted for 1 CFP® / IWI / CFA CE Credit


Janet Koh Janet Koh Advisor Advancement Institute New York Life Investments

Janet uses her knowledge of financial services and her enthusiasm for helping advisors achieve excellence to provide practice management insights that help both senior management and advisors learn about best practices in our industry.

Rita D. McGrath Rita D. McGrath Academic Director and Faculty Member Columbia Business School

Rita is a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and an American strategic management scholar and professor of management at Columbia Business School. She is one of the world’s top experts on strategy and innovation and is consistently ranked among the top 10 management thinkers in the world.

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