DWS’ Kung On Buying Opportunities In Today’s Commodities Market

Darwei Kung, Portfolio Manager, DWS sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the DWS Enhanced Commodities Strategies Fund and his outlook on the commodities market as a whole.

This broad-based commodities fund captures exposure from a variety of sectors like energy, base metals, and agriculture. “Understanding how the market works can add value to our clients,” says Kung on the importance of taking an active strategy in the still very fundamental world of commodities.

Although commodities have been down over the last several years, Kung explains the buying opportunity in the current market. “At this point, the excess demand has been used up, for the most part,” Kung believes of the surplus to deficit environment. While some investors might be questioning the use of commodities in reaction to uncertain trade policies, Kung reiterates that, “the fundamental data is not aligned with these concerns.”

Focused on delivering true market exposure, the DWS Enhanced Commodities Strategies Fund uses the Bloomberg Commodities Index as its benchmark.