United Capital’s Joe Duran On Fueling Advisory Businesses

Joe Duran, Founder and CEO, United Capital spoke with Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO, RIA Channel on the key aspects of what has made United Capital so successful over the years. With over $21.5 billion in assets under management, United has experienced explosive growth. The firm has bought and partnered with several RIA firms, and helps to fuel their growth with what Duran calls his “secret sauce”.

One key differentiator Duran emphasizes is United’s ability to tap into the hearts and souls of advisor clients by focusing on the importance and value of time. Clients are empowered by the choices money provides like spending more time with loved ones, and living richer lives in the present versus at some irrelevant retirement date in the future.

United further attracts clients and advisors with their state of art technology, client service, modern approach to aligning goals with investment plans and overall consistency across its many deliverables.

Finlife Partners, United Capital’s white label solution allows advisors to access the benefits of United Capital without selling their firms. Duran says this is their fastest growing area of their business, and expects that to continue. For more information on United Capital and Finlife Partners, visit their site here.