Dr. Pfau On Key Tax Considerations For Building Sustainable Wealth

Dr. Wade Pfau, program director of the Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation and a Professor of Retirement Income at The American College of Financial Services joins the Jackson National Life team for a discussion on tax-efficient retirement planning and important considerations for advisors.

“There is short-term cost for long-term efficiency,” explains Pfau on the mindset around effective retirement planning strategies. However, over time, a tax-efficient retirement planning strategy can have a significant impact on building sustainable wealth. Creating a tax-efficient retirement plan has a lot of complexities and requires a deep understanding of the progressive tax system,  taxable verses non taxable accounts, preferential income sources and tax diversification.

While each client’s situation is somewhat unique, Pfau suggests that the most important consideration for advisors is “When should taxes be paid to generate the most after-tax spending and legacy for a given asset base?” Jackson, one of the nation’s leading annuities providers, centers its business around creating longterm financial freedom and helping advisors navigate the complexities of retirement planning.

The firm’s consultants specialize in advanced planning, investment management, and tax management strategies for individuals and families and can provide assistance with aggregation of annuities and identifying tax inefficiencies. Jackson offers a wide range of tax deferred annuity solutions which allow earnings to be reinvested and ultimately grow the portfolio. Additionally, advisors can leverage annuities to help grow client assets and ensure their clients’ have lifetime retirement income for themselves and for their families.

Jackson’s range of variable and fixed index annuities are designed to meet each client’s unique financial goals.

To learn more on this topic, register and watch Jackson’s webcast – Dr. Wade Pfau: Creating Tax-Efficiency for Retirement Income The presentation will cover:

  • Three retirement distribution approaches that allow your clients to take advantage of the progressive tax code to pay taxes
  • How to navigate the primary pitfalls associated with the interactions between retirement income, Social Security taxation, and Medicare premiums
  • Tax diversification and asset location techniques to help position client assets as a suitable foundation for retirement
  • How to apply this session information to design tax-efficient retirement distribution strategies that seek to extend portfolio longevity

Register Now Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, RICP, is the program director of the Retirement Income Certified Professional designation and a Professor of Retirement Income at The American College of Financial Services in King of Prussia, PA. As well, he is a Principal and Director for McLean Asset Management. He holds a doctorate in economics from Princeton University and has published more than sixty peer-reviewed research articles in a wide variety of academic and practitioner journals. He hosts the Retirement Researcher website, and is a contributor to Forbes, Advisor Perspectives, Journal of Financial Planning, and an Expert Panelist for the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of the books, Safety-First Retirement Planning: An Integrated Approach for a Worry-Free Retirement, How Much Can I Spend in Retirement? A Guide to Investment-Based Retirement Income Strategies, Reverse Mortgages: How to Use Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement.