Dimensional’s Active ETFs Build On Decades of Academic Research

Savina Rizova, PhD, Global Head of Research at Dimensional Fund Advisors sat down with Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel to discuss how Dimensional quickly grew to become the largest issuer of active ETFs.

Since launching active ETFs in 2020, Dimensional Fund Advisors has grown to over $80 billion in ETF assets across 30 funds.  Dimensional works closely with pioneers in factor-based investing, including five Nobel Prize winners, such as Robert Merton, Ken French, and Eugene Fama.  Since 1981, Dimensional has been investing in factor-based portfolios, initially starting with the size effect and more recently expanding into value, profitability, and investment factors.  In addition to ETFs, Dimensional offers low cost, diversified, transparent, systematic investing in separately managed accounts (SMAs) with minimum investments as low as $500,000. 

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