Deutsche Bank Real Estate Optimism Fueled by Trump

Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO of RIA Channel discusses the state of the U.S. commercial real estate market with Kevin White, CFA, Director and Head of Investment Strategy for the Americas region of the Alternatives and Real Assets business at Deutsche Asset Management.

White and his team manage the RREEF Property Trust, a multi-billion dollar, non-listed, publicly registered real estate investment trust (REIT). White is optimistic on commercial rent growth as a result of shrinking supply for retail, warehouse, apartment and office properties. Trump’s infrastructure spending plans and influence on interest rate stabilization may lead to more construction starts. For now, White points out, value is ultimately driven by low levels of supply which are supporting strong rent growth rates.

The RREEF Property Trust provides liquid access to commercial property investing otherwise out of reach to retail investors. Further, real estate can provide much needed yield, inflation hedging, and diversification to traditional stock/bond portfolios.