Cryptoindex CEO On Staying Ahead Of The Crypto Curve

Max Bodoia, CEO at Cryptoindex Capital spoke with Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO, RIA Channel about the indexing approach to cryptocurrencies and how Cryptoindex is able to stay ahead of the crypto curve.

Cryptoindex is an index fund for cryptocurrencies. It’s portfolio, made up of the 30 largest cryptocurrencies (ex. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple), accounts for over 90% of the overall market.

Bodoia says that the passive index strategy, developed by Cryptoindex, “is really useful for cryptocurrencies.”  While there are a lot of new crypto funds out there, Bodoia believes that, “there isn’t a lot of validation for active management strategies.”  Since they are passive, Cryptoindex does not charge a performance fee, allowing their clients to retain up to 20% of their potential profits.

Bodoia attended Stanford University, where he received his Masters in Computational and Mathematical Engineering.