CrowdStreet Advisors’ Norris On Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

John Norris, Director of Private Wealth for CrowdStreet Advisors, joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel, to discuss investing in commercial real estate.

Advisors and their clients should evaluate the role of real estate when combined in a diversified portfolio with stocks and bonds.  While different clients may have different investment goals, most advisory clients allocating to real estate do so through core investments.

CrowdStreet offers RIAs and their clients unique investment strategies in commercial real estate, providing expertise in value-added, opportunistic, development, and distressed real estate.  The current vintage may offer significant opportunities to put capital to work in opportunistic real estate. Property types that may be attractive at this point in the cycle include multi-family, industrial, self-storage, and life sciences.

CrowdStreet REIT I (C-REIT) is a publicly registered 1099 investment vehicle that provides access to value-added and opportunistic investments that may be less represented in client portfolios.  C-REIT allocates to over 20 properties diversified by geography, property type, and strategy, and is available to accredited investors. 


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