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Underinvestment in commodities in recent years coupled with synchronized global growth, low unemployment and rising interest rates have created a favorable environment for commodity prices to rise. With the U.S. dollar trading at 3-year lows, inflation expectations at 3-year highs, and most risk assets trading at or near their peak, commodities may represent a significant value opportunity in today’s market.

For nearly a decade, Core Commodity Management has been advising some of largest investors in the world on how to allocate to this sector.

Please join us for an educational webcast where the team from Core Commodity Management and ALPS Advisors will discuss the following:

  • Relative Valuation for Commodities
  • Catalysts for Growth in the Sector
  • Strategies for Implementing Commodities in a Portfolio

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Brad Klein
CoreCommodity Management

Brad Klein is a Co-Founder of CoreCommodity Management LLC and Chair of The CompleteCommodities Fund’s Policy Committee. In 2003, he co‐founded the commodity asset management group at Jefferies, which became independent as CoreCommodity in 2013.

Prior to Jefferies, he developed and supervised AIG Trading Group’s globally recognized Commodity Department and was responsible for trading, market making and risk management in precious metals, base metals, and commodity indices.

Brad played an integral part in the launch and marketing of the Dow Jones-­‐AIG Commodity Index (now the Bloomberg Commodity Index).

Prior to joining AIG Trading Group in 1990, he held the position of First Vice President at Drexel Burnham Lambert Trading Corporation. Brad graduated with honors from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in finance.

Robert B. Hyman*
Portfolio Manager
CoreCommodity Management

Bob is a Senior Vice President for CoreCommodity Management, LLC and Portfolio Manager to the CompleteCommodities Fund. Mr. Hyman re-joined CoreCommodity in June 2010. From January 2004 to April 2006, Mr. Hyman was a portfolio manager for the Jefferies Real Asset Fund, where he invested in commodity futures, options, indices, foreign exchange, ETFs, and commodity related equities.

During his 35 plus years successfully investing in commodities and commodity related products, he has held a number of investing and risk control positions, including proprietary trading positions at Lehman Brothers, Amerada Hess Crude & Gas Co., and Drexel Burnham Lambert. Bob graduated from Dartmouth College in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government.

Jeremy Held*, CFA
Director of Research
ALPS Portfolio Solutions

Jeremy began his career at ALPS in 1996 and has more than 20 years of experience in the asset management industry. He is responsible for research, product development, and consulting services on behalf of the ALPS ETF, Mutual Fund, and Closed-End Fund business segments. His research is focused on satellite and alternative asset classes, including Commodities, Master Limited Partnerships, Private Equity, Global Real Estate, Sectors and Emerging Markets.

Jeremy is a frequent speaker at investment conferences and his work has been published in several publications such as the Journal of Indexes, Research Magazine and Institutional Investor. Jeremy graduated with a B.S in International Business from the University of Colorado and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Financial Planner.

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Title: Commodity Catalysts
Date: Monday, February 5, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

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ALPS Advisors, Inc. and CoreCommodity Management, LLC are registered with the CFTC as the Commodity Pool Operator and respectively as the Commodity Trading Advisor and both are NFA members.

The Fund’s investments may subject the Fund to significantly greater volatility than investments in traditional securities and involve substantial risks, including risk of a significant portion on their principal value.

The commodities markets and the prices of various commodities may fluctuate widely based on a variety of factors. Because the Fund’s performance is linked to the performance of highly volatile commodities, investors should consider purchasing shares of the Fund only as part of an overall diversified portfolio and should be willing to assume the risks of potentially significant fluctuations in the value of the Fund. The Fund invests in commodity futures related investments, which are derivative instruments that allow access to a diversified portfolio of commodities without committing substantial amounts of capital. Additional risks of Commodity Futures Related Investments include liquidity risk and counterparty credit risk. Counterparty Risk is the risk that a party to a transaction will fail to fulfill its obligations. The term is often applied specifically to swap agreements in which no clearinghouse guarantees the performance of the contract. Liquidity Risk is the risk stemming from the lack of marketability of an investment that cannot be bought or sold quickly enough to prevent or minimize a loss.

Another principal risk of investing in the Fund is equity risk, which is the risk that the value of the securities held by the Fund will fall due to general market and economic conditions, perceptions regarding the industries in which the issuers of securities held by the Fund participate or factors relating to specific companies in which the Fund invests. The Fund’s investments in non-U.S. issuers may be even more volatile and may present more risks than investments in U.S. issuers. Equity investments in commodity-related companies may not move in the same direction and to the same extent as the underlying commodities.

ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc. is the distributor for the ALPS | CoreCommodity Management CompleteCommodities® Strategy Fund. ALPS Advisors, Inc. is the investment advisor to the Fund and CoreCommodity Management, LLC, is the investment sub-advisor. ALPS is not affiliated with CoreCommodity Management, LLC. CoreCommodity Management, LLC, serves as investment advisor to the Fund’s Cayman Islands subsidiary.“CompleteCommodities” is a service mark of CoreCommodity Management, LLC.

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