Columbia Threadneedle’s Zeitoun On Research Enhanced Core ETF: RECS

Marc Zeitoun, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Strategic Beta at Columbia Threadneedle joined Keith Black, Managing Director at RIA Channel to discuss the investment approach behind Columbia Research Enhanced Core ETF (RECS) and advisor allocation considerations. 

The Columbia Research Enhanced Core ETF (RECS) seeks to optimize core equity exposure and deliver enhanced return potential via its rules-based strategic beta approach. RECS aims to outperform the Russell 1000 index by investing in favorably rated stocks and eliminating poorly rated stocks with strong sell signals. Zeitoun says RECS was born out of investor demand to tweak and improve broad index exposure, while maintaining the price efficiency of a passive ETF. RECS leverages Columbia Threadneedle’s proprietary equity quantitative investment models to rate each company and considers quality, value and catalyst factors.

From an allocation perspective, Zeitoun says RECS can be leveraged as a replacement for an advisor’s core vanilla index exposure, or even as a complement to an active strategy as a way to reduce overall portfolio fees.

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