Chaikin’s Carmasino On Better ETF Selection

Pete Carmasino, Managing Director of Advisor Solutions, Chaikin Analytics met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the key to better security selection and portfolio construction.

Chaikin Analytics, Founded by Mark Chaikin in 2010, was designed to provide an independent online research tool for advisors after the market crash of 2008.

Based around Chaikin’s signature Power Gauge rating, the stock analysis platform considers twenty key factors such as value, growth, sentiment, and technicals, and instantly rate stocks on a scale from very bearish to very bullish. Ultimately the tool aims to bridge the gap between active and passive investment and allows advisors to have a quick, unbiased read on the market.

Additionally, Chaikin Analytics offers an ETF focused platform called PortfolioWise. PortfolioWise helps advisors aggregate and streamline ETF research, identify macro trends and shifts in the market, and leverages a quantitative rating system for each ETF ticker.

To learn more, register for Chaikin’s webcast: Eliminating Bias In Your Recommendations – The Keys To Better ETF Selection.

With the DOL regulations that require advisors to focus on Best Interest for clients, it’s important to eliminate bias in your practice. It is key to:

  • Have the proper process in place to make better decisions on security selection and portfolio construction.
  • Start building better portfolios that include best of breed ETFs through a fund family neutral lens.
  • Don’t be beholden to a single fund family; make recommendations that engage your clients and create better investment outcomes.

Join our panel of experts, Carlton Neel and Pete Carmasino, for this advisor-exclusive event where you’ll learn the best ways to eliminate bias from your stock and ETF selection process so you can start building stronger, fund-family neutral portfolios.

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With over 25 years in the financial services industry, Pete Carmasino has had the opportunity to learn many investment strategies while employed at several research, trading, and investment banks. His experience ranges from district manager at a NYSE member firm to institutional sales trader covering mutual and hedge funds. Pete owned and operated his own RIA firm where he served high net worth clients before joining Chaikin Analytics. Pete Carmasino is now the Chaikin Analytics Managing Director of Advisor Solutions, helping both professional advisors and individuals make the most out of Chaikin Analytics and PortfolioWise.