Chaikin Analytics’ Tool Seeks To Bridge The Gap Between Active And Passive Investments

Carlton Neel, COO, Chaikin Analytics sat with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss how advisors can best utilize Chaikin’s 3rd party research tool. Founded by Mark Chaikin in 2010, Chaikin Analytics was designed to provide an independent online research tool for advisors after the market crash of 2008.  The tool is based off of a twenty factor model, including primary factors such as value, growth, sentiment, and technicals. “Overall it’s about 85% fundamentally-based and 15% technical,” said Neel. In addition to the more advanced charting and portfolio construction features available through subscription, Chaikin built a publicly accessible widget. The power gauge, based on the twenty factors, rates any ticker within the Russell 3000, on a scale from very bearish to very bullish. Neel believes that the widget “really bridges the gap between active and passive investment,” and allows advisors to have a quick read on the market. Chaikin Analytics currently has three indexes out and two related ETFs, Chaikin IQ US Large Cap (CLRG) and Chaikin IQ US Small Cap (CSML). The pair of ETFs have gathered nearly $1 billion in assets in less than 18 months.