CBRE’s Treitel On Opportunities In Infrastructure and Real Estate

Jon Treitel, CFA, CAIA, Portfolio Strategist for Listed Real Assets, CBRE Investment Management joined Keith Black, Managing Director, RIA Channel to discuss global real assets trends and opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

The perfect storm of inflation, rising rates, and supply chain challenges have led to slowing economic growth and increased macroeconomic volatility heading into 2023. “The good news,” says Treitel on the current environment,” is that even amidst the chaos, real estate and infrastructure can serve investors well.” Historically, an allocation to real assets, has provided inflation protection, a differentiated source of returns, and diversification benefits. Because much of the real estate and infrastructure sector is tied to contracted and regulated returns, it has the potential to offer resiliency in trying times. Other tailwinds contributing to Treitel’s optimistic outlook on listed real estate and infrastructure include long-term megatrends like decarbonization and digitalization. Treitel expects listed real estate and infrastructure to continue to deliver strong dividend yield growth and total return potential in 2023.

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Jon Treitel is a Portfolio Strategist and a member of the Listed Real Assets investment team. Jon is responsible for evaluating global real asset strategies, writing thought leadership, marketing for the firm, and supporting new product development.

‌Jon joined CBRE Investment Management in 2021. Prior to that, he was a principal at Centersquare Investment Management, where he served as a Senior Analyst for the global listed infrastructure group. His responsibilities included coverage of global renewable, utility, industrial, and energy securities, in addition to thought leadership and marketing. Prior to Centersquare, Jon served as a Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst for infrastructure, natural resources, and equities at firms including Turner Investments, Citadel Advisors, and Deutsche Bank. Jon has over 16 years of financial industry experience.