CAIS IQ: Helping Advisors Master Alts

Andrew Smith Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer, CAIS met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the alternative platform’s learning initiative, CAIS IQ.

CAIS is an alternative investment platform that combines access to alternative asset managers and innovative technology. Lewis and his team at CAIS specifically focus on projects that move the platform forward. “We want to remove the barriers and friction for people to get involved with alts,” says Lewis.

According to Lewis, nearly 70% of advisors “don’t feel that they have the understanding or confidence to put their clients in alternative investments.” In partnership with Mercer, CAIS IQ offers advisors a curated set of information and research on all things alts. The learning tool leverages artificial intelligence and learning science to help advisors achieve a level of mastery around alternatives. “Rather than using AI to make machines smarter, we’re using AI to make people smarter,” says Lewis.

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