CAIS’ Cuddihy On The Launch of CAIS Solutions

Brendan Cuddihy, Chief Operating Officer for CAIS, joined Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Channel, at the CAIS Alternative Investment Summit to discuss CAIS Solutions, a platform to centralize and streamline alternative investment workflows.

Since inception, the CAIS platform has closed $30 billion in deal volume, helping both advisors and asset managers scale their alternative investment businesses.  The launch of the CAIS Solutions platform centralizes all data and operations that advisors need to allocate to alternative investment funds.

The platform includes functionality for pre-trade, trade, and post-trade processes.  In the pre-trade phase, the platform provides access to products and due diligence resources.  The trading phase includes AML/KYC, connectivity to custodians, and smart subscription documents.  The post-trade phase streamlines data reporting.  Advisors can subscribe to the full CAIS Solutions product or choose just the CAIS Trade or CAIS Post-Trade functionality.

Cuddihy states that there are two types of independent wealth advisory firms, those that intentionally and unintentionally build their alternative investment practice.  A firm can struggle with operations when investing in 25 to 50 alternative investment funds without centralizing operations, trade processing, data reporting, and capital calls.  A firm that builds intentionally and leverages technology can implement custom fund vehicles, such as five managers in one wrapper.  One advisor using the CAIS platform purchased over 100 alternative investment funds in 2023, creating a menu for their advisors to select funds and streamline operations.


CAIS Launches New Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform