Burl East Discusses Investing Opportunistically in Real Estate

Burl East, Chief Executive Officer, American Assets Capital Advisers, and sub-advisor to Altegris, sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss their long/short real estate funds. The Altegris/AACA Opportunistic Real Estate Fund (RAAAX, RAAIX, RAANX) is a strategic, hedge-style approach to real estate with all the characteristics of a mutual fund.

About Altegris:

Altegris is an investment research firm, with deep expertise in alternative manager selection, structuring unique solutions, and providing portfolio management and oversight. Beginning with an analysis of the current and anticipated investment environment, our solutions are based on themes that we believe solve the most important client needs. For more information about the Altegris family of alternative strategies, visit Altegris.com.

To learn more about the Altegris/AACA Opportunistic Real Estate Fund (RAAAX, RAAIX, RAANX) visit www.altegris.com/altthinkingrealestate or call 800.828.5225 to speak with an Altegris Representative.