Buckingham’s Atkinson On What Makes An Admired Advisor

Steve Atkinson, Managing Director, Advisor Relations at Buckingham Strategic Partners met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss what makes an advisor stand out from the pack.

Atkinson, host of the Admired Advisor Podcast shares his thoughts on the key intangible traits behind a great advisor and why so many seem to fall short. “We think we are in the money business, but really we are in the people business,” says Atkinson on high impact advisors.

Atkinson, who has interviewed a wide range of successful advisors, says the common thread with all of his guests is their human-centric approach to wealth management. “Advisors who are more focused on the human aspects of wealth management, are more likely to get more out of their clients. Their clients are more likely to be open and vulnerable,” explains Atkinson on the importance on building trust and relationships.

Buckingham Strategic Wealth is ranked #6 On RIA Channel’s 2021 Top Wealth Manager List and manages roughly $37 billion in assets under management. Founded over two decades ago, Buckingham offers a comprehensive wealth platform that supports a national community of over 1,000 advisors. This year’s Top 100 ranking showcases wealth management firms based on size, growth and quality. Methodology: RIA Database uses quantitative and qualitative criteria to create the rankings.

Refer to our METHODOLOGY for more information on how firms qualified. We are delighted to recognize these firms for their independence, their entrepreneurial spirit, and their ability to emerge as leaders in their field. We congratulate each of them on their success.

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