Blue Horizon Delivers Holistic Access To ‘The New Energy Economy’

Blue Horizon Capital’s flagship New Energy Economy Index offers investors global exposure to the entirety of the New Energy Economy, including over 100 leaders in the industry.

While many of today’s ETFs provide access to only one piece of the New Energy Economy pie, Blue Horizon’s New Energy Economy Index covers: Energy Generation, Energy Distribution, Performance Materials, Energy Storage, and E-Mobility segments. The index features balanced and diversified constituent weightings, created by industry experts and financial professionals. 

“We take an holistic, systematic approach to this index. We want to give people core exposure, broad exposure, benchmark-like exposure to the thematic,” says Fusco. 

The global transition from old energy to new energy is a multi-decade trend with tremendous growth opportunity for investors, explains Tony Fusco, president and CEO of Blue Horizon Capital. Consumer demand, favorable regulatory conditions, and major breakthroughs in green tech and renewable infrastructure all serve as key tailwinds.

Blue Horizon Capital is an index and research company dedicated to helping investors grasp opportunities for growth and investment in the New Energy Economy. Blue Horizon creates investment products to invest in companies that disrupt and benefit from the shift into the New Energy Economy.

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