BLCN ETF Invests In Early Blockchain Leaders And Gathers $60M In First Three Trading Days

Investing In The Chain

Eric Ervin, Co-Founder & CEO, Reality Shares spoke with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel about their recent blockchain ETF launch: BLCN. The Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF, BLCN, aims to deliver value through the investment in companies creating or benefiting from innovative technologies such as blockchain.

Blockchain technology is a shared and decentralized information ledger that maintains data simultaneously and consistently on a network of servers. Activity and transactional data are stored independently in a ‘block’. This public ledger provides transparency, security and an incorruptible trace on economic transactions. Such modernization will undoubtedly disrupt centralized systems across most sectors of the market: financials, healthcare, technology, energy and more. Its impact has been compared to that of the Internet itself, with farther reaching implications on global systems infrastructure.

Reality Shares compiled an impressive advisory board to exploit opportunities in the space. The BLCN ETF is gathering steam with investors as it approaches nearly $60M in just the first three days of trading. Ervin admits the early leaders in the space are evolving rapidly, and his ETF is designed to exploit new, high scoring companies as they become available in public markets. For more information: visit “Investing In The Chain.”