BizEquity On Using Business Valuations To Engage Small Business Owners

Jacob Leise, Senior Director of Marketing for BizEquity discusses how advisors can engage with small business owners through conversations regarding the value of their business.  

BizEquity produces valuation software that advisors can use to attract small business owners to their practice.  The software includes maps that show the name and location of millions of businesses already valued by BizEquity.  This allows advisors to understand the presence of small businesses in their community and increase their number of prospects and clients.  BizEquity reports can be shared with clients and prospects so small business owners can better understand their insurance needs or potential sales value of their business. 

WEBCAST – The Key To Productive Conversations With Small Business Owners

Understanding the uniquely complex financial situations of small business owners is crucial for building strong relationships and creating solutions tailored to their financial needs. However, gathering, analyzing, and then presenting that comprehensive financial data can sometimes create a convoluted and disjointed experience for clients and prospects.

In this webinar, the BizEquity team will show you how to use an online business valuation to anchor your conversations with Business Owners, leveraging its insights to create more holistic financial plans, help maximize the value of their business, and create lasting relationships in the process.

In this engaging webinar, you will learn:

  • Why small business owners need to know the value of their business, regardless of the stage of their lifecycle.
  • Top 5 scenarios for a business valuation.
  • The most important KPIs to convey to a business owner and how they help.

Attendees will also receive BizEquity’s complimentary marketing package to help them more effectively advertise the benefits of an online business valuation to clients and prospects.

Accepted for 1 CFP® / IWI / CFA CE Credit

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