Bitwise’s Hougan On Crypto Valuations & Fundamentals

Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer and David Lawant, Director of Research at Bitwise Asset Management discuss how advisors can evaluate crypto assets for their client portfolios.

WEBCAST – Crypto Fundamentals and Valuations: Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics for Evaluating Crypto Assets.

When the Bitwise team meets with advisors across the country, a few critical questions always come up. They want to know: How do you actually evaluate crypto assets? And what are reasonable valuation targets?

In this hour-long webinar, Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan and Director of Research David Lawant tackle these questions head-on, exploring how institutional crypto investors monitor the market and assessing the various approaches to crypto valuation analysis.

Topics include:

  • Five key fundamental metrics for evaluating blockchains
  • How to balance quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Common valuation techniques for bitcoin, ethereum, and other crypto assets

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