Bento Engine’s Hecker On Moments That Matter To Clients

Philipp Hecker, CEO, Bento Engine, joined Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss Bento Engine’s AI based approach to help advisors proactively engage with clients during the moments that matter the most. 

Bento Engine’s API integrates with an advisor’s CRM and scans for meaningful opportunities to engage with clients. The Bento Engine software tracks two dozen key dates and life events when client outreach is especially appreciated and impactful. These milestones include the impact of key birthdates, such as the availability of catch-up contributions at age 50, as well as moving to a new state, buying or selling a business, or having a child. Bento’s children and wealth program offers opportunities for advisors to connect with the next generation of clients. In addition to alerting advisors about each opportunity, Bento Engine also provides compliance-approved content that can be shared with the client. When advisors proactively offer advice, especially in the moments that matter most, they are better able to satisfy clients and grow their practice.


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