BDF’s Bucaro On Delivering A Customized Client Experience

Julie Bucaro, Owner, Wealth Manager & Director of Client Experience, Balasa Dinverno Folz met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the firm’s growth and the importance of delivering a customized client experience.

Based in Illinois, BDF offers comprehensive wealth planning and law services to about 1,100 individuals and families. A huge focus for the $4 billion firm, is customized client experiences. To Burcaro, this means, “being there for the client when, where, and how they want it.” From a technology standpoint, the firm adds value through an all-in-one client portal and live planning capabilities. These interactive tools are designed to encourage more collaborative conversations and build better relationships. Additionally, the BDF advisor team works in pairs to ensure that someone is always available to support client needs.

While the current volatility is a top concern for the firm’s clients, Bucaro views the the bumpy market as an opportunity for BDF to do it’s best work.