Autonomous NEXT’s Sokolin On The Future Of Financial Services

Lex Sokolin, Global Director Fintech Strategy, Autonomous NEXT sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss what’s trending in AI and crypto technologies.

Sokolin, a longtime entrepreneur, is no stranger to innovation. Prior to joining Autonomous NEXT, he founded a successful roboadvisor, which evolved into digital wealth platform, AdvisorEngine. In his current role, Sokolin aims to research and understand new technologies in the space.

“Artificial intelligence is quite different than automation,” explains Sokolin. Rather than replicating human tasks, AI seeks to automate human judgement. Today, advisors can utilize early adoptions of the technology through chat bots and CRM integrations. On the investment side, some funds are already incorporating AI into the security selection process. While Sokolin doubts that AI will displace portfolio managers altogether, he does believe that “A human will always be beaten by another human that’s using AI.”

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