ASYMmetric Launches Income and Alpha ETFs: MORE & ZSPY

Darren R. Schuringa, CEO and Founder, ASYMmetric ETFs discusses newly launched alpha and income ETFs: MOREZSPY, and weighs in on strategies for protecting client wealth in any market environment. 

WEBCAST:  Finding Income & Alpha with Less Risk

2022’s storm of inflation, rising interest rates and a down market shone a harsh light on the inability of traditional portfolio strategies, allocated to equities and bonds, to withstand the volatile market environment. It’s become increasingly clear that today’s advisors need a smarter way to create and protect wealth for investors, regardless of the overall direction of the market.

Founder and CEO of ASYMmetric ETFs, and a pioneer in factor-based investing, Darren Schuringa, developed a proprietary Smart Technology, in an effort to harness the power of capital preservation and to create an innovative set of funds that seek to provide investors with passive, rules-based methodology for outperforming indices, generating reliable income streams, all while incurring nominal degrees of risk.

ASYMmetric ETFs’ two newest funds aim to offer investors more of what they are looking for – income or alpha – and less of what they don’t want, which is risk. ASYMmetric Smart Income ETF (NYSE: MORE) seeks to generate more than 2x the income of the S&P 500 with less risk, while ASYMmetric Smart Alpha S&P 500® ETF (NYSE: ZSPY) seeks to generate 2x the returns of the S&P 500 with no additional risk over a market cycle. ZSPY seeks to offer an innovative new take on leveraged ETFs and a more secure source of alpha.

During this live webinar on Monday, February 13 at 1pm ET, you’ll have the chance to hear firsthand from Schuringa about:

  • ASYMmetric’s new choice for higher-quality income and alpha
  • Ending the search for high-quality income
  • Addressing the challenges of leveraged ETFs
  • How to seek more consistent alpha
  • ASYMmetric Smart Income ETF (MORE) and ASYMmetric Smart Alpha S&P 500 ETF (ZSPY)
  • Smart Income and Smart Alpha applications

Accepted for 1 CFP®/IWI/CFA CE Credit.

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