Astoria’s Davi On Optimal ETF Modeling

John Davi, Founder & CIO, Astoria Portfolio Advisors, met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the firm’s tactical investment strategy and ETF selection process. With strong experience in ETF research and advisory solutions, Davi launched Astoria Portfolio Advisors just over a year ago. Today the firm has roughly $150 million in assets. “I’ve always had the entrepreneurial itch,” Davi says. Astoria specializes in factor-based tactical ETF portfolios and currently offers six risk-based models. The data driven ETF selection process utilizes in-house quantitative research and prioritizes risk adjusted returns. Leveraging multi-factor ETFs as the “preferred delivery vehicle” allows investors the opportunity to capture high returns, while maintaining downside protection. Given today’s mature cycle, Davi believes “The sweet spot is actively managed and low-cost ETFs.” When it comes to ETF selection, Davi explains that it’s less about the sponsor, and more about how any particular ETF fits into the macro position of the portfolio.