Asset-Map’s Holt On Showing Value Through Advice Engagement

Adam Holt CFP®, CEO & Founder of Asset-Map, joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel, to discuss how advisors can leverage Asset-Map’s advice engagement platform to show value and facilitate deeper conversations.

Asset-Map quickly summarizes the holistic finances of a given client, combining assets, liabilities, cash flows, and insurance policies into a single easy-to-read page view. Rather than wading through multiple reports and data sources, advisors can use their time more efficiently to focus on each client’s specific needs and identify key conversation points.

Holt says there is more pressure than ever on financial advisors to prove they deserve their fees either based on projects or AUM.  Clients value proactive communication as well as various areas of expertise, such as legal, tax, insurance, investments, and financial guidance. Advice engagement, a newly defined category of wealth-tech, is ultimately what  financial professionals do to earn the value that they charge and deliver real-time advice to clients in a relevant manner. 


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