Aspiriant’s Magpiong On Leveraging Inorganic Growth

Bret Magpiong, Chief Practice Officer, Aspiriant met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the benefits of building assets through strong leadership and an inorganic growth strategy.

Based in California, Aspiriant serves clients as an independent fiduciary. “Our clients want to opt out of that conflict environment,” says Magpiong. As Chief Practice Officer of the $12 billion firm, his primary focus is helping their advisors reach and exceed client expectations.

A large part of their client focused story centers around inorganic growth. What Magpiong calls “mergers not acquisitions” allow Aspirant access to best in breed managers and a wider talent pool. On the investment side, the firm utilizes an in-house research group to develop capital market expectations and determine the balance between active and passive strategies.