Arbor Digital’s Nichols On Investing In Digital Assets

Marc Nichols, CIMA, WMCP, Product Director for Arbor Digital, joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel, to discuss investing in digital assets.

Arbor Digital is an alternative asset manager specializing in digital assets, specifically focused on providing services to RIAs and independent advisors.  The firm provides education on digital assets and cryptocurrencies to advisors and tips on speaking to clients regarding this newer asset class. 

Arbor Digital offers the True Digital Asset SMA, offering investors the choice of the Flagship and Compass portfolios.  The Flagship Portfolio is an actively managed portfolio that can invest in bitcoin, Ethereum, and cash.  The Compass Portfolio is more diversified with holdings in cash, as well as assets in sectors including store of value, decentralized finance, platforms and scaling solutions, as well as applications and utilities.  Their active management process includes data and taxonomies provided by Digital Asset Research and fundamental valuation techniques. 

Arbor Capital Management is a fiduciary and a federally registered investment adviser.  Nichols notes that advisor questions start with custody, compliance, and risk management.  Digital assets are held with qualified custodians as defined by the SEC or state regulators.  Arbor Digital shares its findings on best practices in custody, compliance, and legal structures with advisors. 


True Digital Asset SMA

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