Amplify BLOK Blockchain Active ETF To Stay On Pace With Evolving New Sector

Christian Magoon, Founder & CEO, Amplify ETFs talks with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel about meeting advisor demand for growth, income and innovation through their ETFs, specifically IBUY, YYY and BLOK.

The IBUY ETF is made up of companies that capture the majority of their revenue through online sales. Holdings include companies such as ETSY, Amazon, Ebay and Shutterfly. With a seemingly never-ending surge in online retail, IBUY is positioned well for continued growth. The YieldShares High Income ETF, or YYY, invests in high yielding closed-end funds with a goal of providing consistent income to investors. Finally, Magoon introduced BLOK, Amplify’s most recent ETF launch that focuses on companies positioned to benefit from blockchain technology.

BLOK is an actively managed ETF which allows management to exploit opportunities as they arise without waiting for quarterly or semi-annual scheduled changes like many passive ETFs. BLOK can therefore potentially invest in new companies or IPOs earlier than an index-based ETF, and take full advantage of the speed at which newer technologies are evolving the blockchain sector. For more information, visit the BLOK website.

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