American Century Fund Fees For Cancer Research

Investing For A Greater Purpose

Edward Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, American Century Investments sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss how American Century was founded with an ESG mantra. Jim Stowers founded American Century, with the core value of helping others, and the firm itself walks the walk when it comes to corporate governance and making a social impact. The Stowers Institute for Medical Research owns 45% of American Century, thanks to its founders, Jim and Virginia Stowers. Both had cancer, and wanted to make an impact on cancer research, and on improving the lives of people living with cancer. This means almost half of the firms profits are invested to make a social impact. The Stowers Institute is now one of the largest independent cancer research centers in the world.

American Century was founded as a mutual fund company, and now has over $135 billion in assets under management. In order to meet client demand, they recently launched into the ETF business with two ETFs. As an ever-evolving firm, American Century plans to launch an entire suite of ETFs in 2018.