American Century Adds Muni ETFs To Their Line Up

Ed Rosenberg, Head of ETFs, American Century Investments met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the launch of their newest ETFs: QGRO, QINT & TAXF.

American Century’s recent launch of ETFs, brings quality and muni products into the mix. The Index-based ETFs, QGRO & QINT, start with a quality overlay, before any other factor is applied. “We take a fundamental approach, in a quantified way,” says Rosenberg. While QGRO is based upon quality growth here in the U.S., QINT is all international. Their muni ETF, TAXF, is an actively managed product which combines investment grade and high yield.

Since entering the ETF space in January 2018, American Century has released five ETFs.  Rather than outsourcing, the firm constructs their ETFs with their own investment teams.  The goal, explains Rosenberg, is leveraging what makes American Century great and providing access in a transparent, low-cost format.