Allworth’s Stout On Investing For The Long Haul

Andy Stout, Chief Investment Officer, Allworth Financial joined Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the firm’s goals-based approach to retirement planning and investment management.

Allworth Financial is a comprehensive wealth management firm based in Sacramento, California. The fee-only shop prioritizes education-driven and goals-based financial and retirement planning and serves over 10,000 clients across the United States. The firm’s direct and honest approach to financial planning continues to resonate with many “middle class millionaires” across the country, explains Stout.

In addition to financial / retirement planning, Allworth’s capabilities include accounting, estate planning, 401k for employers, investment management as well as a media arm dedicated to a weekly series of educational podcasts and workshops. In terms of asset allocation, the firm’s in-house investment management team focuses on the longer term view.

“We aren’t market timers,” says Stout. Instead the firm bakes in and considers each client’s risk tolerance and retirement goals over a longer time horizon, when constructing portfolios. Next year, Stout points to continued opportunities in the residential real estate market, anything that benefits from increased consumer spending,  as well as small cap and value stocks based on earning growth potential.

To learn more about more about Allworth’s investment perspectives, head here or listen to their State of the Industry podcast.